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Dog Adoption Stories

Our team takes great pride in giving back to our community. We are extremely active in donating our time to dog adoption and increasing its awareness. Through the numerous years of our involvement, we have many of our own dog adoption stories that we are very happy to share with you. 

Jake Darsch 

Organizations Involved in: Super Dog Adoption Days, Sponsor for South County Crew Team, Sierra Club, ASPCA and SRI Chamber of Commerce.

Kobi's Adoption Story

"Kobi was a rescue from the South.  He came up for “Super Dog Adoption Day” a few years back as a puppy and was the star of the show.  We believe he is a Shepherd / Bernese mix.  He is the typical goofy 70-pound lap dog.  I had no intentions of adopting another rescue that day but there was no way of walking out without him!  He always makes you smile and lights up the world with his always wagging tail."

Shelby's Adoption Story

"Shelby was a rescue from Southern Virginia.  She was found in a dumpster along with her sister at 5 weeks old.  I saw her on Pet Finder one night and it was love at first sight.  I called the next day and made all the arrangements and then jumped in the car for the 9-hour drive.  Thankfully she was a great car puppy for the 9-hour drive back home.  We believe she is a shepherd/collie mix.  She is always by my side and has a way of jumping into my bed with her "stealth mode".  You never see her or feel her jump in, but you will turn your head and she is sharing your pillow!"

Bella's Adoption Story

"Bella was a rescue from a pet store.  She had been there for months and was ill.  I adopted her for my Samoyed who was in a depressed state due to the passing of my Malamute.  Bella's spirit did the trick and all was right in the world again.  Bella is an Australian Shepherd and is the most devoted dog I have ever owned.  She will never leave your side and always listens to everything you say.  She is now 13 years old and has become the matriarch of our pack."

Jessica DiNapoli

Organizations Involved in: PAWs Watch RI, STARs Rescue, Foster Dog Mom for many SRI based groups, SRI Chamber of Commerce and American Association of Equine Sports Therapist.

Sasha's Adoption Story

"I adopted Sasha over the internet without knowing a thing about her. All I had to go by was a blurry shelter photo. She was a sad, neglected looking young dog abandoned at a high kill shelter in Alabama. I called the shelter and arranged for the transport of her, and 3 of her inmates, to RI. What we received were 4 of the sweetest most loving dogs we could have ever imagined. The other 3 were taken home by friends, and Sasha stayed with me. She has been a faithful member of our family for the last 5 years."

Burton's Adoption Story

"Burton (cat) was rescued from a hoarding situation in Southern RI, along with 20 other animals. When we found him at the shelter he was sick and very depressed. Taking him home that day was the best decision we ever made. He is loving, affectionate, and provides comfort to all the other injured and orphaned animals we take into care for. He is our house “Ambassador”, and we couldn't love him more."

Sue Ann Votta

Organizations Involved in: SRI Chamber of Commerce, South Kingstown Lions Club, South Kingstown Ladies Auxiliary/Forestry Fire Department, The Potter League, American Heart Association, Leukemia and Lymphoma Light the Night Walk, URI Special Olympics Games, and Southern Rhode Island Domestic Violence Center – Wild Woman.

Allie's Adoption Story

"Allie was a rescue from South Carolina and was going to be burned with 100+ other dogs in the back of a loading truck if someone didn't rescue her.  She was 10 of 100 pups selected to be transferred to Rhode Island with a local woman who rescues and places pups.  I looked at all 10 pups online and instantly asked to see Allie – and it was love at first site.  She is a wonderful mixed breed of lab and pit and has been a wonderful addition to my family for 8-years now."